Drone regulations: What you need to know.

by: David Brice on

Hardly a day goes by without a news story appearing in the press about a drone operator breaking the rules and flying over those places they shouldn't. The drone owner flying over football stadiums is a case in point.

Profly Video is CAA approved to fly commercially and we always stick to the rules. Safety should be the main consideration of all drone pilots.

Here is a summary of the main rules that all drone pilots must comply with regardless of whether you fly commercially or as a hobby. These rules can be found on the CAA website but the mains points are:

If the drone weighs less than 20kg

1. Your drone must be flown safely so that it does not endanger people or property.

2. The aircraft must be kept in line of site. In other words you must be able to see the drone at all times. Line of site normally means 500m from the pilot or a max of 400ft vertically.

3. CAA permission is required if you are being paid for your drone work.

4. You must not fly within 50m of any vessel, vehicle or structure that is not under your control.

5. You must not fly your drone over or within 150m of a congested area.This includes sports grounds and open air gatherings of people.

6. Use your common sense. Think before you fly and do a risk assessment of any hazards that you might encounter whilst flying.

Stick to the rules and you will still have a fun and enjoyable flying experience.

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